Saul Youth Club

Saul Youth Club has had a long history and has now witnessed its first fledgling attendees become mentors in their own right. Under the watchful eye of one of the key figures in the history of the club, Peter Craig, Saul Youth Club was a wonderful meeting place for the children of the parish and beyond. In the days before Health and Safety and all sorts of audits there was a wonderful wildness to the adventures and escapades of the hundreds of young people that passed through the doors.

Perhaps, what made it so special was that it wasn’t about sport – it was that place where it didn’t matter if you could kick or catch a ball, or even care what a ball was for but could feel a part of Saul, that you too were “Ag Croí an Phobail” , at the heart of the community.

With the sad passing of Peter, the Youth Club fell into abeyance until recently. At the promptings of one of Peter’s young protégés ( to the delight of Peter’s wife Angela), Gemma Traynor turned aspiration into reality and brought Friday nights back to life for many of the young people in the community.

In tune with the times; formal committees were rapidly established, constitutions written, equality policies created and signed off, grants applied for – expertise of the community brought to the fore but still all the while the same Saul spirit, a space for all, the P7 looking up to the 3rd year, furtive glances across the club room across the table tennis table and pool table, carry on …. A proper youth club.

Generally, the Youth Club operates on a Friday evening from 7pm-10pm in the months of October to April. For further information contact Gemma Traynor on 07816 025326

Youth Club promo pic